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Top 10 Study Tips

1. Don't Go Hungry - Make sure you aren't hungry.  If you are, then I suggest you fill up first. There is nothing worse than studying on an empty stomach. You will not be able to concentrate. Trust me on this one...Go Eat!

2. Quiet Please - Find yourself a quiet location to study. Whether it is your bedroom, dining room or a room in the basement, find someplace you will have limited distractions. Want better grades? Turn off the television and get focused!

3. Have Everything - Before you start studying, make sure you have everything you need. This includes your class notes, textbooks and any aids such as calculator, ruler, etc. By doing this, you avoid from having to go look for them and risk being distracted elsewhere.

4. Get Organized - when studying for a final exam, you will most likely be reviewing a lot of notes. If you completed assignments that dealt with a particular topic, don't leave it until you finish studying all your notes to review your assignment. It is best to review all previous assignments section by section as you study your class notes/textbook. You will be able to be more efficient this way.

5. Don't Memorize it. Know it. - Memorizing doesn't work. If you are going to rely simply on memorizing content, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Know the content and you will do fine regardless of the values the teacher presents in any problem.

6. Key Concepts - It is very likely your teacher will spend hours explaining certain topics and only minutes explaining others. Don't spend too much time studying topics the teacher didn't spend lots of time on. It's likely there wont be many questions on those and lots on ones dealing with topics he/she spend a lot of time on.

7. Time is Precious - Studying 30 minutes every night is better than cramming 10 hours the night before. Agree? Good. As tempted as you may be to go out with friends, don't do it! Getting no sleep and increasing your stress level is a recipe for disaster. Give yourself plenty of time to study and you will do great.

8. Take a Break - This is particularly important if you chose not to follow tip #7.  If you are cramming for a test/exam the night before, make sure you take a break every 45-60 minutes. Your mind needs to rest. The more rest it gets, the better it will perform.

9. Practice Problems - In almost every textbook, there are practice problems at the end of each chapter. Do these problems! Practice DOES make perfect. Stay ahead of the game and do as many practice problems as you can. There is a good chance the same type of problems will be on the test/exam.
10. Sleep Well - Perhaps the most important tip of all is this one. I cannot over emphasize how important it is to get a good night sleep. You will feel rejuvenated the next morning in time for your exam. You will also think more clearly. A fresh mind is better than a foggy one.
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