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"During my senior year,I had trouble with my calculus class especially everything that had to do with differentiation.  My tutor helped me understand the basics at first with lots of examples and guidance.  By the time my mid-term exam came around, I already felt much more prepared than before.  After just one month of receiving tutoring, my grades increased drastically. Thanks Math World Tutoring"


Grade 12 Calculus

"I was having many problems in my classes and it was really taking a toll on my grades.  My mom was getting really concerned about me passing Algebra and fearing that I wouldn't be able to graduate.  At the beginning I was sort of embarrassed having someoneelse to  showme how to do the work.  My tutor is great.She was patient with me and helped me regain the confidence I needed to do well. I now work on Algebra homework with ease."

Melissa, 15
Grade 10 Algebra

"When my mother first signed me up for math tutoring, I was skeptical but the personal attention I received made it very comfortable for me to learn.  That was a new feeling for me as I was used to 35 other students in my class fighting for attention from the teacher.  My tutor is more like a friend than a teacher.  He stays with me as long as I need help and breaks down things in a way that makes it fun and understandable."

Malik, 12
Grade 7 Science
"My daughter is a special needs student and was unsuccessful in passing her math class.  My husband and I decided it would be best for her to take summer school along with the help of a math tutor.  I panicked at first but then we met her tutor, Eric, of Toronto Math Tutoring. He was a bright,dependable,and a well-educated professional.  He was an experienced tutor which made me feel more comfortable.  After summer school was over, my daughter Julie was successful in passing her class with an 86%.  My daughter is now confident with math and happy that she will graduate and receive her high school diploma."

Amy, Parent
Julie, 16
Grade 12, Algebra

"Ever since I enrolled in Calculus,I have been having trouble.  From the start,I could not understand how to differentiate equations.  I knew I had tolearn how to as the next semester dealtwith Integration and so I did not want to fallbehind. I contacted Math World Tutoring and they said they would be able to help and that they did.  I met mymath tutor Danielle the next day. Right away I knew she would be helpful. She was very nice and willing to meet with me whenever I needed her as she livedclose by myhouse.  After meeting twice a week for an entire semester,I felt 100% confident. Now I am the one raising my hand to answer questions in class that allthe other students don't know the answers to.  Thanks Math World Tutoring!"

Peter, 19
University of Toronto, Calculus

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